Corte Codella is an old country house where rooms and mini-apartments have been created for any type of customer. The house is surrounded by nature and fully immersed in the quiet countryside called Pianura Padana, a real oasis of peace and nature. It is the ideal background for long walks and bike trips through the lush nature nearby the Pò river, along cornfields and picturesque marsh areas. Corte Codella is located in Viadana, hometown of the baroque Lodoviciano Music Festival; here you can walk between historical suburbs and gardens, typical of the Mantua countryside. Just a few kilometers on the county road and you will be able to reach the marvelous Renaissance village of Sabbioneta, unique for its star shaped fortress. You may also reach to the ducal village of Colorno, famous for the sumptuous palace and the fantastic gardens of the French empress Marie-Louise from Austria. Mantua is about 30 km away, a city with a rich centre of culture and fashion; Parma is about 25 km, another city full of culture and historical attractions.
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